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In order for the Humane Charity Seal of Approval to be successful, it must be recognizable and accessible. You can help the Council on Humane Giving spread the word. Here's how:

Action Alerts


  • Tell your friends, family, and local businesses about the hundreds of humane health charities that are approved. Order bulk copies of the Council on Humane Giving’s List of Approved Charities, postcards, and the Problems Associated with Animal Experimentation fact sheet. If someone asks you to help him or her support a nonapproved health charity, you might find this sample letter helpful.
  • Encourage people and businesses in your community to support approved health charities. Use our sample letters to send to your employer, a local business, or your local newspaper. We also have bumper stickers, magnets, and mail solicitation stickers available upon request.
  • Is your favorite charity approved? If not, here’s a sample letter to send encouraging it to apply. You can contact us for stickers that send a similar message.

If you have a question about what kind of research is funded by a health charity not listed here, contact us and we will be glad to help you find any information you need.

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Give and Let Live. Support Cruelty-Free Charities.

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